what should a home care provider really be doing?

what should a home care provider really be doing?

  • How To Provide In-Home Care For An Elderly Parent That Refuses Care

    It is a known fact that many elderly people get somewhat stubborn in their golden years. As an adult,  you probably know exactly what this is like because you have a stubborn parent. However, your parent's safety should always take precedence over their own stubbornness, especially if your stubborn parent is diagnosed with Alzheimer's or the first stages of dementia. To provide in-home care for your parent, here is how you can manage their refusals of senior care and their stubbornness.

  • What to Do When Your Parent Won't Admit Dementia

    Losing your cognitive abilities is a frightening process. Many aging parents won't want to admit that they are having trouble taking care of themselves. That makes it hard to get the proper care for them. Here are some things you can do when a parent is reluctant to admit dementia. Realize Denial Is Natural Denial is a natural reaction for many dementia patients. It's embarrassing to admit that you've had trouble completing tasks that have been a natural part of your day for decades.

  • Think About Using A Medical House Call Program

    When your loved one has reached a point where you may think it's time to put them into a residential setting for their medical care, you may start to look around at all the options out there. There are many choices that you can go with, but a residential institution doesn't have to be the answer. There are other options open to you. One of them is a medical house call program.

  • Know The Signs It Is Time For In-Home Care Supervision For Your Aging Parent

    As your parents get older, many things will change, and some of them will make you concerned about them being unsupervised at home, especially if they live alone. From dealing with medical issues to not being as physically capable as they once were, elderly individuals can face a whole new list of challenges in their everyday life. If you have been wrestling with the question of whether or not your elderly parent needs in-home care supervision, you should know that there are a few signs which indicate it is time to start looking for help.

  • Top 5 Medical Devices For Long Term Home Care

    Seniors do much better when they are able to receive long term home care versus having to move to a nursing home or assisted living facility. They get to remain in the house they know and love surrounded by friends and family. In order to make caring for your aging relatives easier, you'll want to pick up the top five medical devices mentioned below.  Shower Chair In order to prevent falls it is best to have your loved one bath while sitting in a shower chair.

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what should a home care provider really be doing?

If you have a home health care worker in your home, you know very well how helpful he or she can be. What you may not know is what all that worker is supposed to be doing while in your home. Does the service provide general housecleaning services? Should he or she be doing laundry for the one that they are caring for? My blog will show you what services may or may not be offered by home health care services so that you can look further into what the service you have hired is supposed to be doing in your home.