what should a home care provider really be doing?

what should a home care provider really be doing?

Know The Signs It Is Time For In-Home Care Supervision For Your Aging Parent

Adrian Cano

As your parents get older, many things will change, and some of them will make you concerned about them being unsupervised at home, especially if they live alone. From dealing with medical issues to not being as physically capable as they once were, elderly individuals can face a whole new list of challenges in their everyday life. If you have been wrestling with the question of whether or not your elderly parent needs in-home care supervision, you should know that there are a few signs which indicate it is time to start looking for help. 

Your aging parent is unable to shower and bathe as they should. 

Even though bathing and showering is a normal part of your daily routine, this seemingly simple personal care routine can become more difficult for an aging adult. If you start to notice that your loved one is not keeping themselves clean and groomed like they once did, it could be a sign that they do need some help through the day to ensure they can handle personal hygiene needs. Talk to your parent about finding help for them with an in-home care service. 

Your elderly parent is showing major signs of forgetfulness. 

In many cases, diseases like Alzheimer's and basic dementia develop with age, which will mean your loved one is often confused or disoriented. However, even without these diseases, your older parent can suffer major forgetfulness. This absentminded behavior can lead to things like forgetting to do basic things, such as taking their medication on time or turning off the stove when they get done cooking, both of which can be incredibly dangerous for a senior. If you see signs of forgetfulness, it is a good idea to consider in-home care supervision. 

You notice drastic changes in your aging parent's overall weight. 

Sudden weight loss can be a sign of illness, so you should take your parent to see their doctor first. If they get a clean bill of health, the weight loss could be indicative of changes in diet. The changes in their weight could mean that they are not eating enough, or they are not eating because preparing food is too much of a challenge. Hiring an in-home care supervisor will ensure your loved one has someone at home with them for at least part of the day that will make sure they get good meas and eat enough to keep them healthy. 

To get more information about in-home care and whether it's right for you aging parent, talk to a medical service near you.


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what should a home care provider really be doing?

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